about us

Welcome aboard:When you are our guest even for a short time, we love to think that you are enjoying the very best that your money can offer you and also the best services that can be got from the most renowned name in the hospitality industry in the whole world.

The experience of your lifetime:Our guests get to experience the most reliable and the most secure environment that can be provided for gaming. The technology that we use in our games is unparalleled and too good to be true either. Of course, here it is a reality!

You will love our company:When you are the games and making it big, we would love to treat your taste buds to the finest cuisines in the world. Our chefs have fine tuned and honed their culinary skills from the best food destinations of the world, trying to give you a glimpse of the entire world within the four walls itself.

Our services are certified and beyond words:When you choose us before others, you are giving yourself the chance to be at the top of the world. Our members and our team is trained to act professionally at all times and certified by big personnel honchos to be industry ready and absolute pleasurable company.

Casino security:When it comes to security, we are second to none. We have the best technology in terms of technology to give our esteemed customers who are also our friends, the best of experiences and the most secure environment to play their heart out.

We are very responsible with our rights:While we love to have you and your family with us for a stay, we also like to add that we believe in luxury with responsibility. We will not allow any player under the age of 18 years inside our floor in the casino as a matter of adhering to the strict federal law. And we recognize problem gambling and in matter if time we will live to show a guest portraying such traits the door. For other good times, we’d genuinely love to have you. See you soon!